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Queensland based members of the APS Senior Executive Service or Queensland Regional Heads of Commonwealth Government
Agency are eligible to be full members of the Network. Australian Public Service employees classified at the Executive Level, who are
not Regional Heads, are eligible to be associate members of the Network.

Members participate in a range of activities including:

The Annual Government Business Conference

Leadership events such as Women in Leadership

General meetings including an Annual General Meeting open to all AGLN-Q members

AGLN-Q Excellence Awards - An opportunity to showcase and recognise excellence in public administration

How to become a member

Contact us for details.

Life Membership

Life membership may be conferred upon any person by the Management Committee.

We recently had the pleasure of conferring Life Membership on Jenny Eutick and Anne Bright for their contribution to the community.

Jenny Eutick being presented with Life Memebership by Karen Ansis Anne Bright being presented with Life Memebership by Karen Ansis

Life Membership has also been recently conferred on Paul Flynn for his contribution to the community..

Karen presenting Paul with Life Membership. Paul celebrating with AGLN-Q members